Hi, I'm Madison
Thank you for visiting my portfolio and taking the time to browse through my work. My name is Madison Carritt, yes, that's pronounced like the vegetable "carrot". I have a passion for design, animals, and conservation which has led me to my current career path. While I am a full-time designer with an in-house team, I occasionally take on freelance projects.
What is "creative cottontail"?
It's a pseudonym for my identity that was inspired by my married last name and is intended to represent myself as a Creator. I'm a graphic designer, but I'm also a photographer and artist. I work at a zoo, but I'm also a freelancer. The type of work I create generally falls under the theme of animal conservation, but I help brands establish themselves, create websites, and lots more. My previous business name (Mad Stucz Design) was based on my maiden name, Stuczynski, and it fit for many years but doesn't quite fit anymore. And so... a new name was born, and along with it a new era of creativity.
I've earned a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Bellevue University and an Associate's degree in Commercial Photography from Metropolitan Community College.
Experience   View my resume
I'm currently part of the Design Services team at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium where I get to do the work I love at one of the best zoos in the world! Our department heads all the visual design throughout the Zoo, as well as some marketing materials; this includes a wide variety of both small and large-scale print and digital graphics.
As a freelancer, I specialize in identity design and illustration but have experience in web design, layout, and print design. Recently, my work was chosen by the Gorilla Species Survival Plan to serve as the organization's new official logo, see the Facebook announcement here. I also work with the Lemur Conservation Network and the Cheetah Conservation Fund as a volunteer designer/photographer, creating graphics for their digital communications and conservation merchandise.
I have used my skills to create websites, logos, social media content, brochures, booklets, posters, apparel, signage, lots of illustrations, and so much more! Some clients I have worked for include Paradigm Gardens, GrowActive Solutions, Magical Omaha AKA Next Millennium, Emerald Waves Chiropractic Center, and many other small businesses locally and across the country.
My favorite thing about design is creating solutions that embody a particular energy or convey a specific message by use of color theory & psychology. I believe color, along with adequate research, is a fundamental aspect of design. All of my work uses color in intentional ways that are vital to the success of the design. You may also find me breaking conventional design rules or taking design "risks" because that's oftentimes where the best results hide!
Personal Interests
I'm a mom so I like to spend my hours raising my twin boys, hanging with my partner (shout out to my amazing photographer husband), and taking care of our animal children and farm. I also enjoy struggling to keep houseplants alive, making art, and being outside hiking, camping, or just staring at the stars. If I have enough spare time, traveling is always exciting!
I'm a passionate person in general, and though I tend to gravitate toward art & design, I'm also passionate about health, the environment, social justice, animal welfare, and being grateful for life in general. I find inspiration everywhere.
That about sums it up, right? If not, feel free to get in touch with me and ask away. You can reach me at madisoncarritt@gmail.com or via direct message on Instagram. Thank you again for stopping by, I'll catch you on the flip side!